Fort Langley Community Rowing  Club



The purpose of the Fort Langley Community Rowing Club is to promote inclusive and accessible competitive and recreational rowing and sculling as a means of improving health and well-being of the members of the club, with a focus on safety and in a spirit of communication and cooperation with our partners in the rowing community and our local community.

Constitution and Bylaws

Fort Langley Community Rowing Club is registered under the British Columbia Societies Act. In accordance with the stipulations of FLCRC's Constitution and ByLaws and the BC Societies Act and Regulations, FLCRC is able to operate as a legal entity for the benefit of its members to facilitate and encourage the sport of rowing.

The members of FLCRC elect members to the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. Terms are generally for two years. There are a minimum of five directors, including officers and Past President.

The Officers of the club are: The President, whose role as chief executive officer includes supervising the other officers in the execution of their duties. Board members assist the President as needed. The Secretary maintains all records of the club except financial. The Treasurer maintains all books of account and prepares all financial reports.

The entire board of Directors are responsible for the management of the affairs and finances of the club, including the hiring of coaches and any other paid staff. Decisions are made at duly held meetings attended by a majority of directors, and by majority vote of those present.  


FLCRC is a member of Rowing BC, and adheres to the principles of all of Rowing BC's policies, as applicable to the club. This includes Conflict of Interest, Disciplinary procedures, and Code of Conduct.

Additionally, FLCRC has their own specific policies regarding:

  1. respect for members and other water sport enthusiasts
  2. safety for all our members

View Rowing BC policies here.