Safety Manual
FLCRC code of conduct and a C-A-S-E for Member Safety and Respect are set out in FLCRC Rules.
Every FLCRC rower needs to be familiar with this Emergency Action Plan for Capsized Rowing Shells!

Rower's Handbook
FLCRC Rower's Handbook contains the clubs general rules, safety procedures, emergency procedures and an extensive glossary of rowing terms.

Use of Bedford Channel Boathouse Facility
The Bedford Channel Society administers the Fort Langley Boathouse Facilities. BCS has asked for FLCRC members' cooperation and consideration for fellow rowers, yes and even paddlers, in launching boats from the dock. BCS Memo on Dock Etiquette

Other Useful Forms and Documents

Learning To Row Registration Form

FLCRC Membership Form

FLCRC Novice Program Registration Form

Drop In Program Form

Registration Reference Sheet (Rowing Canada)

Safety Guidelines

Emergency Action Plan

Boat Storage Policy



Considerations when heading out to row:

River Current: consider rowing upstream first – if any problems, its easier to get back with the current.

Bridge: avoid the need to navigate the bridge (twice) for inexperienced crews, or for anyone when the current is a little faster – this is an accident waiting to happen - people and boats.

Ensure everyone has a lifejacket on board, boat has a whistle, someone has a phone.

SIGN OUT the BOAT and CREW on the clipboard at exit of boathouse. All boats, all clubs.

Crews, keep within sight of each other and the coach boat!

Fort Langley Community Rowing  Club