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Fort Langley Community Rowing  Club


Our coaches are ready to share their love of rowing with you!

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Rowing is a "late entry" sport - many international competitors learned to row as young adults, in university.

FLCRC welcomes adults of all ages to join a LEARN TO ROW program and find out what rowing is all about!  

Please email us if you have any questions about how rowing might become a part of your active lifestyle. 





Group of 2? Custom class times available

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Novice classes will resume when Covid restrictions will permit the use of multi-person boats



Want to learn more about the sport of rowing?   

Our LEARN TO ROW (LTR) program is the entry point for anyone (adults) interested in learning to row for sport or recreation with no previous rowing experience.

DUE TO THE COVID PANDEMIC - We are unable to offer entry level programs at this time.

When our programs resume, Learn to Row is now divided in TWO SEPARATE PARTS, 4 sessions each, of approximate two hours per session. 

Due to Covid restrictions, each class will be limited to two participants, rowing in pontooned single rowing shells. This results in an excellent semi-private learning environment.

PART 1 is the MOST BASIC INTRODUCTION TO ROWING -  safety education, learning the elements of the rowing stroke on rowing machines, and starting to develop your rowing stroke on the water. There are a lot of things to learn, these four sessions will introduce you to the basics.

PART ONE is limited to THREE REGISTRANTS per class, with an experienced rower helping in the boat each day.

.PART 2 is for graduates of PART ONE, and for people who have completed a LTR in the past but need some basic refreshers. There will be four on-water sessions, at times combined with more experienced rowers - with an emphasis on PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE to get comfortable with the rowing stroke and develop your basic skills.

Learn To Row fees for 2021 are  - PART ONE  $250. Includes RCA and ROWING BC annual fees

                                                          PART TWO $150 (plus RCA and Rowing BC fees, if you bypassed Part 1)


Once you have completed both parts of LTR, your NEXT STEP will be to join our NOVICE GROUP



Sign Up for the program of your choice using these 3 simple steps.

Find a Learn to Row program time that works for you. You can also see the LTR program schedule on our Calendar page.

​classes *may* be similar to what was offered in 2020 - as listed below  


LTR#1 - A - May                   Mon/Wednesdays   530-730 pm

LTR#1 - B - May                 Friday   530 pm plus 3 SATURDAYS 11 am 

LTR#1 - C - May         Mon/Wednesdays  530-730 pm

LTR#1 - D - June         Mon/Wednesdays 530 - 730 pm 

LTR#1 - E - May                    Mon/Thurs    930 - 1130 am

LTR#1 - F - July                   Mon/Wed   930 - 1130 am

​LTR#1 - G  July                     Mon/Wed  530 - 730 pm

LTR#1 - H  July                  Tues/Thurs 930 -1130 am

LTR#1 - J   Aug                 Tues/Thurs 930 - 1130 am  

2021 LTR PART TWO classes  

LTR#2 - M    May                        Wed   Thurs    Sat   

LTR#2 - N -   June                      Thurs, Mon, Wed, Thurs  @530 pm

LTR#2 - O -   June                       Thursdays at 930 am

LTR#2 - P - July                           Sat @11, Mon and Thurs 530 pm, Sat @11

LTR#2 - Q - July                          Mon/Thurs @ 930 am

LTR#2 - R - July                          Mon/Thurs @ 530 pm

LTR#2 - S - Aug                         Sat @ 915 am, Thurs @ 530 pm, repeat   

Register on ROWING CANADA for the course of your choice.

Payment online at time of registration will confirm your space in the program, to a maximum of five students per class. 

If you have any physical limitations or mobility concerns, please contact us to help us ascertain your suitability in our programs.

Pre-program assessments with a coach are available upon request.

We reserve the right to postpone or reschedule class dates and times, due to adverse water conditions and other circumstances beyond our control. Registrants will be notified of anticipated changes and options. Course refunds are limited, and subject to administrative fees, ONLY prior to course start date. Contact us for more info.

 1. Register with ROWING CANADA and pay online

All FLCRC rowers must be registered with Rowing Canada.  Go to RCA website Registration:

Select: Join a Rowing Program / Register from the navigation menu.  
Select: in British Columbia.
Select: Fort Langley Community Rowing Club.
Select: The program you want to join. (All available programs are displayed)
Click on: Join.
From the Log In page select either: Register or Log In.

 - If you are already registered with Rowing Canada, enter your id and password and sign in, or,
 - If you are not registered with Rowing Canada, then Register Now, providing your details as required.

*you can pay by credit card on the ROWING CANADA website - if you have any difficulties please contact us*

2. Download the FLCRC Learn to Row sign up package.

This package  contains the FLCRC registration info and club Waiver. Some personal info is required, as well as your signature. Completed forms can be scanned back to us, or returned in hard copy.

3. Send in Forms (and payment, if you didn't pay online)

If you paid by credit card, you need only get us the FLCRC forms.

If you prefer to e-transfer payment, contact us by email, and don't forget we also need the FLCRC forms (scan or snail mail)! Or, you can be "old fashioned" and mail us a cheque and your completed forms!

Submit your completed Learn to Row Forms and payment to Fort Langley Community Rowing Club, by one of the following:

  1. SIGN and mail all forms along with payment to:
    Sandi Kliewer, 16896-81B Avenue, Surrey, BC V4N 5X4.

  2. Alternatively, you can SIGN all the documents, scan and then email the forms to the club's email address, and arrange to drop off your payment.

Each Learn to Row program has limited enrolment, so register and pay to confirm your space in the class of your choice.

Once we have received your completed forms and payment you will receive confirmation of your successful registration by email.